I was raised in the smallest coastal logging town imaginable called Port McNeill (It's in Western Canada). I started experimenting with short films as a kid in elementary school and I made probably hundreds of them until I finally figured out what the hell I was doing.  I fell in love with the work of a variety of film directors who all had one thing in common... they all had started in music videos... So at 18 I directed my first music video and I was instantly hooked! Idirected almost 100 music videos by my mid 20's. It was an insane period of creation that I was awarded for with DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR at the 2011 MMVA's. Right around then I co-wrote/directed GRAVE ENCOUNTERS for about the budget of a music video. That film would go on to do very well and a sequel would be green lit, which i chose to write and not direct... I had my eyes set on a much more ambitious project... An Alien Abduction movie called EXTRATERRESTRIAL (originally called THE VISITORS... which is a much cooler title in hindsight). Extraterrestrial was picked up by IFC Films after premiering at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.  Smash cut to 2016 where I am in post production on a new independent film that i think is going to be pretty darn special... #DESERTDEAD

Feature Film Representation: Jeff Barry, Peter Trinh,  ICM Partners